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Ukrainian Bride Traditions

A Ukrainian bride is an celebration that combines both national and religious cultures. It is a huge, sophisticated meeting with many meaningful rites and customs.

The service begins with the formal engagement, when the man goes to the couple’s parents ( for similar- sex or genderqueer couples this is done with both sets of parents ) with a bottle of horilka asking for her hand in marriage. The vicar’s community and older married males called starosty visit him. If the parents accept the proposal, the wife drapes a rushnyk around her partner- to- been and they all drink horilka up.

Before the temple service, the bride and groom receive riches from their families and godparents during a classic ceremony known as Blahoslovenja. They bow and trade offers, such as marriage wheat called korovai that indicates career and reproduction. During this part of the ceremony, it is also common to present the few with a set of theological graphics that they must place at home and take care of, as a symbol of their innovative responsibilities.

As the couple exits the ceremony hall, they are presented with a towel that has been nicely decorated. They ukraine date are supposed to step on it and superstition says that whoever steps on it first heads the household.

Once the wedding celebrations are over, it is common for the newlyweds to spend a few days at their parents ‘ houses. They are showered with gifts and pampered by their family and friends. During this time it is customary to play some light- hearted games like putting a towel on their heads and running through the house or throwing salt at each other. This helps to relax the atmosphere and prepare for their married life.

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